Getting Started: What You’ll Need

  • A computer (not a phone, tablet or other handheld device
  • Adobe Reader

Download & Save Files

2up files are set up for printing two 4x6 postcard sides per PDF. If you intend to create physical printed copies then 2UP PDFs will be the most economical way to go.  Alternatively  the 1up files are PDFs with just the 4x6 postcard. You can also use 1up PDF to create physical prints or you can use these PDF files and then convert them to JPEGS for digital use (see instructions for PDF to JPEG conversion below).

Open PDF Files in Adobe Reader

Not all PDF readers are created equal. Only Adobe Reader is fully supported for editable PDF files. You will need LATEST version of Adobe Reader to open, edit, save and print your these PDF files. Adobe Reader is absolutely free to download here. Once you’ve installed the latest version of Adobe Reader, you must also ensure that you open the file with this program. Most computers use the default PDF reader unless you specifically use the “open with” function and select Adobe Reader to open the file.

Editing the Text

The font is already embedded in the template, so you don’t need to worry about downloading and importing any fonts as long as you're using Adobe Reader. To edit the text, simply highlight or select my sample text that you want to change.  To change font size select the text, then press [Cmd-E] for Mac users or [Ctrl-E] for PC users to open properties bar, from here you can edit the size of the included font or alternatively select any font loaded on your machine can also be selected from the drop-down menu to change the font.

Changing the Font Color

To edit the font color, highlight or select the sample text that you want to change, then press [Cmd-E] for Mac users or [Ctrl-E] for PC users to open properties bar, from here you can edit the font color. Simply select the color button on the left side and then either select one of the pre-existing colors or create your own custom color using the color dial.

Adding Heart Graphics

To add the heart graphic(s), you’ll either need Adobe Acrobat Pro (the paid not the free version) or a free PDF editor, like PDF Pro. While other free PDF editors may also work, many will not retain the formatting that you’ve just created so I strongly recommend you use PDF Pro.

Adobe Acrobat Pro Directions: Select EDIT, then “add image” and select the desired color heart. You may resize the heart using the guides. Copy and paste your custom sized hearts to duplicate.

Print Your Design

These PDFs are formatted to print two 4x6 postcards per 8.5” x 11” page (2up) or one to a single sheet of 4x6 paper (1up). They can be printed on card stock or any other heavy weight paper of your choice. There are crop marks on the front page of the 2up PDF to aid with trimming. You can print them at home or an office print store such as Office Depot, Staples, or Kinkos; simply send them the file. Or if you'd like to print your postcard design out on your home color printer, simply click on the Print icon on the top Menu bar to bring up the Print Dialog Box. In the Print Dialog Box, type in how many copies of the page you wish to print. Make sure the “Actual Size” option is selected under the Page Size and Handling section. (See instructions inside the WEB folder for converting your PDF to jpg files for web uploads)

OPTIONAL: Converting Your Design to a JPG file

JPGs are the ideal file format for web use. And while it is also possible to use JPEG files to print physical prints at photo labs or traditional paper printers, PDF files will produce superior prints than a jpg files. So if you'd like printed versions of this design, I strongly recommend using PDF files instead. But if you'd like JPEGs for web use or anything else, you can use any online converter once you've edited and saved your PDF files individually. One such free PDF to JPEG converter can be found here.


Most issues arise from the PDF reader. Typically users assume they have the latest version or that they’re using Adobe Reader when in fact their computer is defaulting to another unsupported reader.


Still have questions? Not a problem! Just contact me via an Etsy conversation with any question you have and I'll respond back there within 48 hours (Monday-Friday; 9-5 PST)


All digital files are for personal use only. Do not redistribute in any way including but not limited to: sharing, selling, reselling, forwarding, or distribution. The file or its contents may not be altered in any way. Follow me on social media for the latest product announcements, special promotions and general entertaining inspiration.