How to Apply your Temporary Tattoos

Thank you for the interest in my temporary tattoos. These are fun and easy to apply; here's a few tips to using them. Store your temporary tattoos is their packaging in a cool, dark place until you're ready to apply. Take care to avoid contact with heat and moisture.

1) Once you're ready to apply your tattoo, clean the skin of any lotions, oil and dirt.  (Rubbing alcohol is especially helpfully in prepping the skin. )

2) Remove the clear plastic protective sheet from the tattoo and place the image face down on the skin.

3)  Apply a damp cloth and wet the tattoo thoroughly before removing the paper back ( you should be able to simply slide the paper away from the tattoo without any signs of peeling around the edges).

4) Rinse the tattoo with water to help remove any residue that still may be left by the tattoo and then allow the tattoo to dry completely before beginning your festivities.  And then you're all set! Bring on the party :)

Temporary Tatts for your next Bachelorette Party!

Temporary tattoos just may be my new favorite product in my shop. I'm getting tons of requests for bachelorette party tattoos which have been so fun to dream up and design. I have loads of ideas and it's now just finding the time get them from an idea into reality. Here's just the beginning of some cute bachelorette temporary tatts that I added to my tattoo section on Etsy. Which you can find here.